Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Side Note

The Wednesday before I leave, I will be seeing Les Misérables from the front row center! Yes, that's right - my seat will be orchestre A13 and I will be so close to the stage that I'll feel like I'm on the barricade with them! I'm so excited. Now, I know that Les Misérables the musical is a waste of time because it ignores Victor Hugo's digressions and thus erases the whole purpose of reading a Victor Hugo novel, as my Paris 8 literature professor would say, but Les Misérables is practically the reason I'm here, so I'm still very excited to see it from this close up. I can't remember exactly where I was sitting my first time (I was only eight year's old, after all), and we were way up in the balcony in London three years ago, so this time will be a new perspective. Maybe Javert's suicide, aside from being a brilliant song, will actually look dramatic from that angle and not just like he's jumping off a plastic bridge.

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