Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Now that I think of it, I bet my philosophy professor went to ENS too - is that where ALL professors go?

This morning, I started off the day kind of annoyed. I had a newspaper meeting at CUPA, but I didn't really want to go. I hadn't even started reading my chapter for history yet (and today's was a long one!) and I'm basically the only one who has written anything yet for this second edition of the newspaper. Then, on the way to the meeting (I was running a little late...), Chantal called to ask where I was, which annoyed me even more because I was only five minutes late. Finally, I get there and no one else is there - it's just Chantal and me. Plus, two of the other people working on the newspaper with us had a class and wouldn't be able to join the meeting until 11:00, so why were we starting at 10:30? Anyway, we started the meeting in the basement because all the rooms were full, then eventually Laura got there and then at 11:00 we were able to steal a classroom and Elizabeth was able to join us. We basically reiterated everything we had done in the last week, but in a more rushed manner since the newspaper's supposed to come out the 20th.

After that meeting, I decided to get a crepe and some Berthillon ice cream. Then, I sat in the Luxembourg Garden and read my history chapter, got to history a little late (mostly because of the stupid ligne 13), and found out that there was no quiz. I guess I didn't have to read that chapter after all, but it will probably be important for the last partiel (which doesn't really matter since I got a 14 on the first one).

Obviously, my day was a wasted one, except for the ice cream, of course! But, Arnaud from my history class said he read some of this blog! I was so surprised to hear that - who would have thought that French people are reading it? We decided that Professor Cornette is the best professor at Paris 8. My other professors are good too, but nowhere near as impressive. Arnaud likes this one so much, he decided to major in history in addition to political science. Professor Cornette went to ENS - he says it basically every class. And, I just realized today that the professor of my philosophy TD probably went there too. Alix had said that she had spent time studying at NYU, and ENS has a program for philosophy students to do that. Yup...I guess that means basically all my professors went to ENS. All that's left to do is find out if my writing workshop professor (who looks remarkably like Jessica Blau!) went there.

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