Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Le Bac à Glaces

Today, I had my dissertation for my literature class, except it wasn't really a typical dissertation. He basically said he didn't want it organized or anything, so I think my essay was a little too academic, plus the topic is just too vague. How does he expect us to analyse a text in terms of memory? I had basically decided that, no matter what the topic, I'd write about Les Mis since he really seems to like that book, and luckily for me, one of the two texts we could choose was actually from Les Mis! It was about the sewers, so I wrote about Hugo creating a utopia from the sewers, where everything eventually passes beneath the earth and is equal, including the characters at that point in the novel. Then I analysed it with respect to the four metaphors he told us about working on memory and added in some stuff about contradictions and the mixture of the collective and historical memories.

But the really interesting part about the exam: the entire time, students outside were having a party and blasting music. It was really very distracting. At one point, the professor decided to go outside and stop them. It didn't work. Then, he had to go to a conference and left us all in the room alone doing the assignment until some temp came in to watch us. It was very bizarre - I have to say, I miss Hopkins exams with their serious atmosphere and intelligible questions that we've been prepared to answer. On the other hand, I'm very happy that I've reached a level in French that I can write a five page essay in three hours sur table focusing on the subject rather than the French.

After the test, I met Alix and we went to Le Bac à Glaces like Justine had recommended. Once again, she was completely right. It was really really good. Not quite Berthillon, but what is? Plus, I didn't miss a day of Berthillon since it isn't open on Monday's and Tuesday's. I suppose next week, I'll go back to this new place while Berthillon is closed. I had an eight euro sundae with tropical sorbets, meringues, whipped cream, and strawberry sauce! I'm turning into an ice cream freak - and I'm apparently impayable. 

When the ice cream was all gone, I went to teach Jerome English and he told me about how no one in Italy was able to speak English with him and that he had a real communication problem. But, he said a German girl told him his English was really good. Et c'est tout ! I had dinner, then talked on skype and procrastinated instead of trying to figure out how to study for the philo colle (practically on the spot expose...) that I have to do tomorrow. It was a nice day!

Alix and the ice cream!

Chateaubriand died across the street from the ice cream! We had such a great view. Now, I've seen his grave, his birth place, and where he died. Too bad he's not my favorite author...

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