Saturday, May 15, 2010


The end of my European semester is turning into a regular Tale of Two Cities. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

So, London. This will be quick, by the way, since I've hijacked Therese's computer because mine can't connect to the British internet since it's too much of a francophile. First of all, it's more endearing than I remembered it to be. Obviously, I prefer Paris, but I do LOVE the musicals here! Plus, I had great gnocchi last night for dinner and saw The Phantom of the Opera! I'm very lucky that the British exist to translate wonderful French stories into musicals. And Phantom is so much better than I remember it - when it's performed on stage, it doesn't matter as much that the story makes no sense or that the lyrics aren't very good. It's just really impressive to watch, even from the nosebleed section where you need to pay 50 pence for binoculars to be able to see the phantom's deformed face.

I would also like to say a few things about British food - or the lack thereof. It seems that every restaurant here is ethnic and even the ones that say they serve a traditional British breakfast or "fish and chips" have something else available. Thank god for Pret a Manger's, though! I just love them and their free wi-fi and their miso soup. Even if they forget the accents and pronounce it incorrectly, it's such a great store! They also have a Tim Horton's here, but they don't have iced caps! And what's worse - they have a Caffe Nero (remember, from Florence?) but NO GELATO!! Today, I'm sure I'm going to run into a Duffs sans chicken wings or a Teds that only sells coffee.

Tonight, Therese and I are seeing Chicago. I'm excited since I've never seen that one - I had to go bowling instead because of stupid GBYO.

Oh, and I should probably mention that there are a ton of French people here. I thought it would be weird to hear English all the time, but I've been hearing so many different languages that I'm just confused. One more thing - my train arrived at the King's Cross Station yesterday!!!

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