Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nothing to say

I'm very sorry, but I have nothing to say. I didn't do anything today except read my history chapter, look over various philosophy sujets, and pretend that that counted as studying seeing as I have absolutely no idea how to prepare for this dissertation that I have tomorrow morning bright and early. In history, I messed up. After getting the 14 on the midterm, I decided I shouldn't get any more 10's on the quizzes because it will only lower my average, so on today's quiz, I was pretty sure about four answers and guessed on the rest. Well, some of my guesses were actually right and I ended up with a 12. When I handed in the paper, and made the "It was very hard, especially since I'm American" face, the professor graded it on the spot and was very happy that I had the highest grade yet again. I don't understand - I thought I was being so careful!

Anyway, tonight I also saw Le Roi Lion...again. I'm starting to think I'm a hypocrite. After saying that I wouldn't see it ever again, I've now seen it basically twice in two weeks. Maybe Pierre and Justine had a point when they said I was crazy. I can't remember if I mentioned this before; it was really funny because they both said the exact same thing. I said I had seen Le Roi Lion, and both said: "For the 10th time?" and I said: "9th" and they said they were just kidding about the 10th time comment. Now, at least, when people say "10th time?" I can just say "oui."

So, now I'm going to stay up a little later and try to figure out how to study for philosophy. Then, if all else fails, I'll just go to bed.

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