Thursday, May 13, 2010

Place de Furstemberg

Today, Paola and I went to the Place de Furstemberg where Delacroix's house and studio were. He lived there in his later years until his death. It's a museum now, and it's technically part of the Louvre. But it's way cuter and less imposing. Anyway, I think I like Delacroix. I don't know anything about art, but his paintings are very intense. I like the one of the revolution, and the way he draws horses, and there was one really great one of Macbeth. The best part was seeing his palette, though. It was so neat to see his paintings and then see how he painted them. Leave it to me to go to an art museum and get more excited about a dirty old palette than the art. 

Afterward, we went on a scavenger hunt to find Delacroix paintings in churches. So, we went to Saint Sulpice (famous from the Da Vinci code, but the "rose line" isn't a rose line and it's under construction right now) where there are two Delacroix's and then to Saint Paul (in Le Marais) to see another one. We also got some great falafel. 

Finally, I relaxed a little while waiting for Scott and Sheryl (who never called...) and now, I'm going to bed because I have an 8:00 train to London tomorrow morning!! I'm going to see Therese and a few musicals. It'll be great and probably expensive, but I'll have fun. It will also be good preparation for returning to an anglophone country and having people absolutely hate it when I speak French.  

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