Friday, May 7, 2010

48h des arts

This morning, after my wonderful philosophy CM (we talked about Sartre - actually very interesting. I should read his stuff. He went to ENS, you know?), I met up with Alexandra and her family at the Musée d'Orsay. This was the first time I've been inside there in three years - the building's still incredible while the art still fails to amuse me. I did like that they're now displaying Van Gogh's self portrait, though. That's a pretty famous one. They had an exhibit on "Crime and Punishment" (not the book), so I got to see a bunch of paintings of brutal deaths. 

After that, I taught English, then went to ENS for their kickoff party for their "48h des arts" or "48 hours of art." It's (according to the website) when the Normaliens get inspired and just perform nonstop for two straight days. The kickoff party was supposed to include sangria, a concert, and a party en K-Fêt. Well, first off it didn't start on time. And by "on time" I mean the typical French fifteen minutes late for good measure. It started practically an hour late, and all people did was drink the sangria (which came out of a bottle, by the way) and eat junk food, including mini-smarties. What statement are they trying to make with that? During this time, I was waiting for Paola to get there and started talking to this girl, Julia. Unsure of whether or not this party was open to non-students, I kind of stretched the truth and said I'm a student there in comparative literature. The fact that she bought it made me very proud of myself - I think I've learned a lot this semester! 

The party started, and by that, I mean a bunch of "pom-pom girls" (I put it in quotes because that's how you say it in French, apparently...) started dancing to "Nobody's Perfect" by Hannah Montana. The fact that Hannah Montana has infiltrated my blog about studying abroad in Paris is making me resent ENS a little. They were pathetic, to say the least. Once they were finished, the Normaliens moved onto sword fighting, juggling (while standing on each other's backs), and some other random talents that were interesting, but certainly not very impressive. I never thought I'd watch a school full of students goofing off that would make me think: "Hopkins is such a party school!" Paola and I skipped the party en K-Fêt and went to an Indian restaurant for dinner instead. Chicken korma (oops...I mean poulet korma) at last! Oh, and a rose lassi! Yum!

Finally, I met Alexandra and her brother for drinks. I had a mango mojito. Well, half of it - I still don't really like alcohol despite my time in Europe, so sangria and a mojito kind of seemed like overdoing it. 

Now, I'm going to go to bed so I can have yet another night of insufficient sleep. Alexandra, her brother and I are going to see Monet's garden and studio at Giverny tomorrow morning. The train leaves Saint-Lazare at 8:20. 

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  1. We all missed you tonight. Everybody was asking about you. We had a wonderful dinner!