Monday, May 17, 2010

London Pictures

I also realized that I never wrote about my second day in London. Well, I went to the St. Paul cathedral, had some scones, met Therese at Covent Garden, got Chipotle for lunch (not as good as in America!), studied a little with her in a cute little cafe (she had tea), took a walk, we got Subway for dinner (better than in America!), and saw Chicago! I really liked Chicago - it was so cleverly staged and choreographed, so even though the music isn't the best, it ended up looking like a piece of art on stage. At least, a piece of art that is very critical of America. The woman who played Velma was fantastic. She was Australian and played the role with the same type of attitude that you'd play the girl from Anything Goes. The whole cast was pretty phenomenal (except I wasn't the biggest fan of Roxie) and they all spoke with American accents. I couldn't even tell (except with Roxie one time) that they were British (or Australian at all).

Okay, so here are pictures:

The top of my egg building

The New Globe Theater

The Millennium Bridge

The Tate Modern - ugly, huh?

Tower Bridge

St. Paul's

A double-decker bus

St. Paul's again

Tea and scones!

The tkts booth in Leicester Square

A Pret!

Covent Garden

Alfie, who helped the unicycling juggler - so cute!

Alfie really made the poor guy sweat. He just wasn't as cool as the tattooed one...

Enron the musical?

Platform 9 3/4!

The King's Cross Station, under construction

A pretty apartment

The British Library

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