Friday, May 21, 2010

Frozen Hot Chocolates ENFIN!!!!!!

This morning, I had my philosophy CM at an ungodly hour. I had practically just fallen asleep when I woke up to leave. The class was kind of interesting, I suppose. We talked about racism. He thinks that women are a different race, and very inferior to men. Then he said he was just kidding. I'm not sure anymore. In order to understand racism, I apparently have to read de Tocqueville, but I'm feeling lazy since I'm only here for eight more days and since I have no more grades for this course. So, maybe I'll read it when I get back to the United States. : (

After that, I should have come back and taken a nap. But I'm not smart like that - I instead wrote about two and a half pages of my literature paper about the bridge. I don't know where it's going, but hopefully it's strange enough for the professor. Finally, I took a very long walk from my house to Gare de Lyon, then took the metro to the Louvre, walked to Pont Neuf so I could spy on a homeless guy who couldn't walk without a cane and a MacDonald's cup for spare change, then got some gelato because I figure I was eating too much Berthillon (melon and coconut - Grom's two new flavors for the month of May), went to my favorite little park with the broken tree and the rosebushes to skype with Allison while the bells of Notre-Dame were ringing, and then taught English. Guess what - Jerome had no idea what impayable meant. I told him it's what I am, since I don't think I know exactly either. His mom explained it, kind of.

Finally, the frozen hot chocolate!! Paola brought the blender and I had the powder, and we made them!
The ingredients

"Me and my baby, my baby and me" (by baby, I mean my frozen hot chocolate - just trying to make a Chicago reference)


With a drop of Chantilly!

Paola and me with our spoils...aka, frozen hot chocolate!! I'm impayable.

Mme De La Taille and her frozen hot chocolate. She loved it!

Pierre liked it too. 

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