Friday, March 19, 2010

A Streetcar Named Desire goes Tramway

The top one is a picture of Isabelle Huppert in "8 femmes" and underneath is her in the adaptation (very loose) of "A Streetcar Named Desire" that they just called here "Un Tramway." So, I'm not going to write much because, honestly, this play wasn't worth my time. That's why Alexandra and I left before it was over, even though there wasn't an intermission. Obviously, they didn't put an intermission in because they were afraid people would leave in the middle. Too bad everyone left anyway - Alexandra and I definitely weren't the first. 

From what I could tell, this play is just about a woman with an abusive husband and a crazy sister. It wasn't that I didn't understand the French. Actually, I understood basically every word. Parts were in English too - one actress kept singing and talking in English. The thing I didn't understand was what the point was. I don't think there was one. And if they were waiting until the very end to let us know, then tant pis - I have to wake up at 4:30 tomorrow morning. The only problem was, Alexandra and I tried to leave without disrupting anything, and I left my umbrella there. Good thing we were right by Notre Dame, so I just bought a new one for 5 euros at a tourist shop since it was raining pretty hard. But the downside is that, now I have a purple umbrella that says Paris all over it. It'll be fine for when I get back to the states, but for now, I should probably find an umbrella that won't make me look like a tourist. Either that, or I can hope it doesn't rain anymore...

That's all for tonight because Alexandra and I were stupid and booked a 6:20 train, so I need to wake up at 4:30 so I can catch the first metro at 5 and make sure I get to the train station on time. So, if I fall asleep now, I can get almost five hours of sleep...

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