Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lebanese Sandwiches

I'm living up to my email address - I got another Lebanese sandwich for lunch. I'm not sure which is better - the tea or the sandwich, but they're both great! Afterward, I went to l'ENS to sit in the courtyard and read some of the Ratio Studiorum, figuring that I'd be the only one there. Of course, I was wrong - there were tons of "Normaliens" there studying.

Then, the dinner/movie thing didn't work out because my new friend and her group couldn't figure out a time, I guess. So, tomorrow they're going out and she said she'd call me to let me know when and where. Instead of that, I went to see "La Rafle" - a new French movie about the day when the Nazis came into France and kidnapped all the Jews. The movie was horrifying because it focused on the children, and basically none of them survived. It was interesting, though - in the movie, I felt like they were trying to emphasize the way all the French non-Jews were telling the Nazis that what they were doing was inhuman and horrifying and that they wouldn't help. They even noted at the end that the Nazis had planned on killing 36,000 Jews but French people hid 10,000 of them. Obviously, the French are trying to make a statement about how much better the French are than the Germans. It doesn't take much to be more moral than a Nazi, though, so they didn't really have to badger us with all that. This famous comedian, Gad Elmaleh, was in it. He was in a movie I watched last year with Audrey Tautou called "Priceless" ("Hors de Prix") and he was hilarious! But he wasn't even close to funny in this movie - I figured he's provide comic relief every now and then, but no...he had to go and die like all the other characters! I guess I should just stick to watching comedies. I saw a poster for one called "L'Arnacoeur" and the poster looks like it's cute. Maybe I'll see that sometime this week.

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