Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pictures from Normandy/Brittany for real

Mont Saint Michel

The only restaurant in the world that thinks it's acceptable to charge 30 euros for a stupid omelette. I don't care how they cook it - nothing's that good! 

A nice ocean view (unless the ocean is the English Channel...)

The abbey

A very Cartesian garden in the middle, protected from all the wind

Me scaling a wall

Alexandra and me with our new Italian friend Mirka

Our guide who looked just like my cousin Peter, only his name was Eugene

Saint Malo

The dancing cat street named after the one casualty of the British naval attack

These are meant to break the waves before they hit the walls. That way, this little city won't get waterlogged.

More Saint Malo

Me in front of a nice view

A colorful parade! 

September 4th, 1768 was born, in this house, Chateaubriand! 
Good thing I read Atala last summer, or else this wouldn't have been too interesting...

Eblouissant! Breathtaking!

An important French writer wanted to rest here so he could only here the ocean and the wind. In passing, respect his last wish. 

His other last wish was to be buried standing up. I don't think the good people of Saint Malo respected that wish!

Cool, huh?

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