Friday, March 12, 2010


Today, on the way to my philosophy CM at Clignancourt (super early, just in case they decided to have another métro problem today), I read Zazie dans le métro dans le métro! How awesome is that? Then, I got there half an hour early and read some more while waiting. Eventually, though, Alexandra (my new American friend who's actually a French university student) showed up and introduced me to one of her French friends. We're all going to get dinner and a movie tomorrow! It should be fun! Oh yeah, class - we talked more about humanism and discussed a Babylonian myth about the creation of man. It was cute, I guess.

After class, I took ligne 4 almost to the other end to go to CUPA to turn in two more fiches pédagogiques and talked to two of the directors about my flute lessons, l'ENS, and l'OuLiPo for a while. Then, I walked through the Luxembourg Gardens, past the Quartier Latin, crossed la Seine, and got myself some Berthillon! It had been too long! That caramel au beurre salé is even better than I remembered it - I'm completely over my little fling with the gelato place. Berthillon is obviously better.

Today, I also taught English to Jerome and while I was teaching him, he told me that I don't have an accent when I speak French!! I was excited to hear that. But, I asked him what he thought an American accent speaking French sounded like and he did the funniest impression! The only reason we were talking about that was because he was telling me that an American called him about something work-related, tried to speak French for a few minutes, then switched to English and he was really excited that he was able to talk in English for 20 minutes on the phone, especially since he always used to think that speaking English on the phone was impossible. Oh, before I went to teach English, I found another Lebanese sandwich place. It's not the one by l'ENS - it's in the Latin Quarter, but closer to the historic La Sorbonne and Louis-le-Grand than the Panthéon - and it was great! I got the same kind of sandwich I got the last time, and they give you a little glass of that mint tea for free and all for the low low price of 4 euros! The best part was that, at this restaurant, they explained what was in each sandwich on the menu. So, I finally know what I'm eating when I get a chich taouk sandwich. I think I might start making Lebanese sandwiches a regular part of my Parisian diet, especially since I've obviously been eating too many crepes and Berthillon ice cream cones.

Okay, I had to stay up late to write an article about Cyrano de Bergerac for the CUPA newspaper and now that that is done and this blog entry is too, I'm going to go to bed so I can get up tomorrow morning and read more of the Ratio Studiorum (the Jesuit guide to an education), come up with ways to back up my problématique for my philosophy dissertation (well, it's not a full dissertation, but it's still a third of my grade), read the history chapter well in advance, and practice my flute. Hopefully, my morning will be as productive as I envision it will be!

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