Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It is so good to be back in Paris! I missed seeing people - Strasbourg seemed so empty. It was too quiet too.

I'm not going to write very much tonight, since it's already past midnight and I want to be wide awake for my l'ENS course tomorrow, but I'm going to check Strasbourg off my list of places to revisit. It was really a waste of a weekend. All we did was walk around - everything's closed on the weekends except a few boring museums, tons of restaurants (which is fine if all you want to do is eat), and the imitation Notre-Dame. I swear, that cathedral, Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, is just a copy of Notre-Dame but it's missing one of its towers. We climbed to the top this morning. 327 steps, I think. I might have miscounted. It was a lot. Anyway, this trip didn't do it for me, and I came out of it a lot better than Alexandra. The only problem for me is that now my back hurts from carrying my big heavy bags (filled with my big heavy books!) to and from the train station. Alexandra started the trip with some sort of eye problem and the starts of a cold, ended up losing her voice, losing her scarf, and only a few souvenirs to make up for it. They had very cute souvenirs in Strasbourg. Everything there was cute, it just got old really fast.

On the way back, Alexandra and I were actually on different trains. They were the same time, going to the same place, and even connected, but you couldn't get from one to the other. So, we didn't sit together, which ended up being great for me since I finished my philosophy assignment. Now I can spend the next few days being very meticulous about it (se couper les cheveux en quatre) because I've just realized that turning in my first assignment in a different country where I have absolutely no idea what quality your paper needs to be in order to get what they consider to be a good grade is kind of nerve-wracking. I'm going to have the CUPA assistants check it for French errors, ask the methodology professor a few questions, and read it over and over again. But now, I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow, I'll post pictures from this trip.

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