Monday, March 22, 2010

Guido Guido Guido! Take Deux!

I'm definitely not writing much tonight or putting the pictures from Strasbourg up. It's so late and I got distracted with the course schedules for next semester at Hopkins. It will be really great to get back to American classes, especially since the French lit department is offering a course on Dumas and Verne!!

Today in the ENS class, we discussed the history of poetry (lyricism again) and how it relates to the history of the novel. Guido decided to suck up to M. Murat and brought in a copy of his book on Free Verse and spend twenty minutes talking about how brilliant it was and then asking him to summarize it for us. I'm not sure why he'd need to suck up, but it was cute. Afterwards, Lu and I went to the university restaurant for lunch (chicken, French fries, and blueberry pie!), then I met Alexandra at the Champs Elysees to see a movie. It was an American one with Nicholas Cage (Bad Lieutenant?) and it was pretty dumb. I liked the singing iguanas, though. The best part was that Alexandra had picked up some macarons on the way. I had a rose flavored one! I didn't know that's what roses taste like, but they're delicious!

Then, I taught Jerome English and had dinner with Mme De La Taille and Pierre. We had the pain d'epice that I brought back from Strasbourg for dessert and it was great! It's kind of like gingerbread, but the one I got is flavored with honey and chocolate chips. It's really good (not the same quality as Laduree's rose macarons, but still good). And that was my day. Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting for a blog entry. I mean, I think my ENS class is exciting, but I don't want to bore anyone by translating the lecture.

In other news, the health care thing apparently passed (even French people know about it, and they agree with it by the way, since they already have something just like it. The fact that their system is bankrupt is apparently irrelevant.) and there's going to be a strike tomorrow. Apparently, only 2/3's of all the public transportation is going to run. I better leave myself some extra time to get to Paris 8. Luckily, I hear that my ligne, ligne 14, doesn't go on strike because it's completely automated. So, I'll only have to worry about ligne 13.

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