Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pictures from Strasbourg

Okay, here are the pictures from Strasbourg. Sorry for the delay! These two weeks are busy...the French professors finally decided to give me some work.

A first class chair...nice, huh? Not worth it!

Cute little church

Big imposing Pantheon-like church

My adorable meringue!

A river view

They have both French and German names for their streets

The cathedral - Notre-Dame (de Strasbourg) - see how it's missing a tower?

Gutenberg. He invented a printing press and killed architecture (according to Victor Hugo)

Cute building

Very Cabaret

1 for French, 2 for German, 3 for English, the list goes on. 
Where is Spanish? You know, #7!

Another cute building

Beer Academy. We ate there - but didn't get beer. 

Me and my wine! Yup, I drank all of that...okay fine, you caught me!

I lit a candle in the cathedral!

My morning after - after eating escargot, that is!

My new favorite advertisement. I just thought it was hilarious! In case it's hard to read, it says "Sex Sells. Unfortunately we sell jeans." I should have bought some jeans there. 

Me on top of the cathedral

Strasbourg from above

Tarte flambee (I don't remember the German name) - this wasn't traditional, though, since I don't like ham. This one is with salmon, cream, and onions. Yum! It was my lunch at the beer academy! 

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