Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I didn't have to go to an opera tonight after all...

I wrote the date down wrong, so I spent the night in my dress. The De La Taille's went out to a concert tonight, which would have been great if I had really had the opera, but since I didn't, I was stuck home alone with nothing to eat. They told me I could have whatever I wanted from the fridge, but there wasn't much in the fridge, so I went to the pizza place next door and bought a salmon and artichoke pizza. I considered seeing l'Arnacoeur again (since, when I went to CUPA today, Nathalie the director, Laura, and I had a long discussion about how cute it was), but then decided I should probably wait at least a whole day before seeing that movie again.

Other than that, nothing much happened today. I don't think I got a 10 or higher on my history quiz, but I got another 10 last week! My professor said I'm one of the best in the class! Hopefully he still feels that way next Wednesday when I'm done with the exam. It's going to be a dissertation, 3 hours, where he gives us a document and we have to analyze it. This, of course, includes a problematique and a plan. He said it will be on Louis XIV's early life, so I should probably study that this weekend while I'm in Normandy. Also next week, I have my synthese for philosophy. Basically, there are too many people for everyone to do an expose, so I'm doing a synthese after the expose, in which I'll just sum up, I suppose. I'm going to ask about it tomorrow morning. Tomorrow in class, we're doing a "correction" of the homework. I'm not sure what that means - if it just means we're turning in our homework so she can correct it or if we're going to go over everyone's assignment individually. I really hope she just collects them and grades them. French universities, aside from being literally "public" are a lot more public. By that I mean, they post everyone's grades at the end of each semester on a wall with names, they have to do exposes and speak in front of classes on a regular basis, and in my writing class, we write short assignments in twenty minutes then read them out loud to everyone. The exposes I can understand - public speaking is important, I suppose; the posting of the grades - while they could learn about the internet, I guess it doesn't matter if grades are public or private since that might actually make kids try harder so they don't have a 2/20 posted amongst 18's; but correcting homework in the middle of class seems like a waste of time. I'm not there to learn from other people's mistakes and my mistakes won't necessarily help the person next to me. If the professor wants to correct my homework so I can learn from my own mistakes, that can be done individually. I just really hope that tomorrow we don't waste an entire day of class talking about everyone's approaches. Maybe she'll just tell us her approach.

Anyway, I'm going to go to bed so I'll be wide awake for the "correction," my flute lesson, and my writing class. No l'OuLiPo meeting tomorrow, the way, Daddy, the next one is on your birthday!

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