Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The strike was nothing! Piece of cake! Ligne 14 is so automated, that it never goes on strike. It's the metro of the future! Then, I happened to arrive at St. Lazare right when the train to Saint Denis was leaving. It was great.

Other than that, today wasn't very interesting except I saw this great movie. It was about a guy, Alex (Romain Duris - who played Moliere in a movie I saw), whose job was to seduce girls to get them to break up with their boyfriends. So, this rich girl, Juliette's (Vanessa Paradis - Johnny Depp's girlfriend) dad pays Alex to seduce Juliette (seduce as in make her fall in love with him - he doesn't sleep with clients) so that she'd break up with her fiancé, who was British and spoke English the entire movie. There were a lot of foreign (meaning not French) languages in this movie. My favorite part was when Alex took Juliette to an Italian restaurant and the Italian guy was talking to him (because he knew him) in Italian and said something like: "How did you get such a pretty girl? Have you kissed her yet?" and Juliette said, in Italian: "No, not yet. Can I have some wine?" Anyway, the movie was hilarious. I want to see it again! I only went because movies for the past 3 days were only 3.50 (euros), so that's why Alexandra and I saw the movie yesterday. But this one was so much better than any of the other movies I've seen here! Okay, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow, I get a party to celebrate the release of the first ever CUPA newspaper, history class, and then an opera at Bastille. 

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