Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Je pense, donc je suis"

This morning, I woke up early for my philosophy class in which we discussed Descartes. I think I'm his reincarnation or something - everyone says the combination of math and writing makes no sense, but I'm sure he'd agree with it. Plus, look at that nose! He's like Cyrano de Bergerac. I wonder if he studied at Louis-le-Grand. By the way, I suppose she meant to say "collection" of the homework and not "correction" because she just collected them and said she'd try to have them back by next week. That makes much more sense.

After class, I had my flute lesson. But first I got a Lebanese sandwich! That guy who works there just loves me. He asked when my exams were and then told me that if I ate there, I'd definitely get good grades. 20/20! He gave me two glasses of the mint tea today too because I'm his best customer! My flute lesson was great. It rained, and I had to use my new stupid tourist umbrella, but my flute teacher thought my story about that was hilarious. Then, while I was playing Syrinx, the sun came out, and he said it was because of my color change at this one part!

Then, I had my l'OuLiPo writing workshop. We did a boring, useless constraint today. It was called homosyntaxisme: homo meaning the same, syntax meaning structure. So, she gave us a structure using code letters (S for substansif - nouns; V for verbe; A for adjectif or adverbe) and we had to write sentences with that structure. So, SAVS would be A cat quickly climbed a tree. It's a little different in French because adjectives and adverbs are placed differently in relation to the subjects and verbs, but the basic concept is simple and useless enough. Oh, Descartes would have loved l'OuLiPo too!

Dinner tonight was pasta with pesto sauce! Hopefully, Mme De La Taille will talk to her pharmacist soon and decide that baking soda isn't poison so I can make a chocolate drop cake. I can't believe French people only use baking soda for medicine and brushing their teeth! Oh, and it's going to rain some more...lucky me with my new purple Paris parapluie (I had to use the French word for umbrella because of the alliteration. You understand, don't you?)...

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