Saturday, April 24, 2010

Results of a long, long day...

The chocolate drop cake was a success! The drop was a little strange - it's more like marble than a drop really, but it was pretty and it tasted great. After that, Paola and I went to buy macarons and I bought a bunch for Emma to give her when she got off the bus from Beauvais. She loved them. We went to the Eiffel Tower, got some fondue at Saint-Michel, I gave her my speech about Notre-Dame (okay, my professor's speech, but still...), then we went home. We had no idea how late it was - we were just talking and talking and talking. It was really interesting to see someone from Buffalo here, especially since Emma is as passionate about Spanish and studying abroad as I am about French. She loves Paris so far, and I've decided that tomorrow is a good day for Versailles and the Louvre since everything else will pretty much be closed. Gotta love Sunday's in Paris. But, now it's late and I should go to bed. Right as we were getting back to the metro trying to decide when we should meet tomorrow, we realized it was 12:30 and that the metros were going to stop running in half an hour! Luckily, Emma's hostel is right near the metro stop and we had already been there, so she got off ligne 10 and went right back to her hostel to sleep since she had an even longer day than I did and I went to the end of ligne 10 and caught the last RER C at 12:50. Now, I am more than ready to catch some Z's!

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