Friday, April 9, 2010

Italy Pictures, if they upload in a timely manner...

Since nothing really exciting happened today, I figure I'll upload the Italy pictures instead. I had my philosophy class where we talked about Rousseau (I'm not his biggest fan...), got some Berthillon ice cream (melon and vanilla!), had lunch with the American director of CUPA and two other students (where we all shared our opinions of the French educational system and Paris in general; interesting discussion, but doesn't need to be repeated here), and taught English. Other than that, it's just nice to have some free time. I plan to spend tomorrow reading, and I also have an alumni party at CUPA to go to!

Of course, my first picture is of the library!

And the second is the gelato!! 

Probably the most famous Italian ever, right?

A very long line to get into a museum - we didn't wait...

Le Ponte Vecchio

Some guy drew this on the street with chalk - super artistic, much more cultured version of Mary Poppins.

The gigantic cathedral (just part of it)

I lit a candle for Nani!

The cathedral from the other side, covered in the smoke from the fireworks that we missed somehow

More of the cathedral. It's photogenic

I apologize for the nudity, but I figured this was an important picture. I had no idea the David was so big (and I'm talking about the whole statue - not making a "that's what she said" joke)

A cannoli! Is cannolo singular?

The unchanged city of Florence/Firenze

Real Italian pizza with Buffalo mozzarella - I'm not homesick, but it was really good cheese!

The fake David (or is it?). I tried to get a more "modest" picture, but failed.

The dome inside the giant cathedral

View from the top of the dome

Proof that I've been to Florence

A cute little mountain village!

This obviously wasn't built by Hopkins engineers. 

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