Friday, April 30, 2010

Passy and Pictures

I figured I'd just tell this blog entry in pictures, because I might be too tired to write in complete sentences. Besides, I've apparently promised pictures and forgotten to put them up. So, here goes nothing.
This is my sifted flour for the chocolate drop cake

The oh so dangerous baking soda

The giant hunk of butter

The evil mixer

Paola helping out

The finished product!!

Emma arrives and discovers her newfound love of macarons

In a mirror in the hall of mirrors

The fountains!

Sacre Coeur at night

What's that thing again?

As Emma would say: "POMPIDOU!!!" It's so ugly...

The waterfall at Buttes Chaumont. I said it looked just like Niagara Falls, and Justine said I had a good imagination!

Passy! It's so pretty - Benjamin Franklin used to live there. It also used to be separate from Paris. Sort of like another city.

The view of the Eiffel Tower from Passy


The Bir-Hakeim bridge

Balzac's desk!

Balzac's adorable little house in Passy

More Passy - isn't it just beautiful?

I think my pictures got out of order, because I'm pretty sure this one is from Versailles

Les Invalides

They finally put the pendulum back up in the Panthéon!!

A little strip of land in the middle of the Seine at Passy called the Allée des Cygnes or The Swan Walkway

Anyway, it was just a nice, relaxing day that also included teaching English and getting Mexican food (which, according to Paola, was not authentic) with Alexandra and Paola. Now, I'm going to bed. I hope these pictures will suffice for now - Emma took really good ones, but I don't have her camera and she said she won't be able to upload them to facebook while she's in Europe, so my lousy photography skills will have to do. 

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