Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm an idiot, even though I'm only 3 points away from God

After the rush to the bus to get to Beauvais Airport, which is way outside of Paris, I realized I didn't have my passport. It was too late, obviously, so I paid a 100 euro missed flight fee and changed my flight to tomorrow morning. I guess I can write a blog entry tonight after all...

Today in my philosophy class (8-10 instead of 9-10 because we're not having class the day before spring break), the professor made a comment about an American stereotype that I thought was funny. He was talking about culture and defining man by his culture, but then went on to say that strictly defining a man by his culture is stereotyping. It's like saying "if you're British, you like tea." Then, he continued to talk about certain cultural differences, for example, how people from different cultures eat. He said that French people set the table and have an orderly, long meal whereas Americans make a peanut butter sandwich and wash it down with a can of coke. I literally started cracking up in the middle of class.

After philosophy, I had a flute lesson. It was fun - my professor thought my comments on my fishless April Fool's Day were hilarious, and noted that he didn't see any fish either. Why did the French get boring the one Poisson d'Avril that I was here for?? Then, after my flute lesson, I wasted hours and hours packing, going to the airport, freaking out, coming home, getting dinner from the Italian place down the street (probably not the same, though they assured me they're really Italian), and putting my passport in my purse for tomorrow. Basically, this was a lousy day, and marks a very important first for me: tonight was the absolute first time I didn't want to be in Paris. I wanted to be in Italy.

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