Sunday, April 25, 2010

Buffaloniennes in Paris

Today, Emma and I went to Versailles. I was hoping only to spend half a day there, but that dumb gigantic castle really does take a whole day. It takes longer when Emma wants to pose like every statue there for pictures. It was funny, but took a while. The gardens are open now and definitely worth the 6 euro admission (even though the castle is free for students). It's incredible to think that we're seeing all these fountains running at once, something Louis XIV never could have seen since there wasn't enough water pressure in all of France to run them at the same time. Basically, Emma got a Spanish audio guide and I got the French one, and we had a constant battle to see which language was better (a.k.a., which one finished each speech faster). Guess which one won - French! Even though you drop the pronouns in Spanish, apparently, the French are just more concise.

After Versailles, we got some Lebanese sandwiches (I had to) and ate in a pretty little park by Notre-Dame while waiting for Paola. Then, the three of us went to Sacre Coeur to see the view of Paris at twilight. We walked to Moulin Rouge just for the tourist picture, then headed to Bastille to get the best crepes (they put the most toppings). And, that was my day.

Oh, and Emma and I made full use of the McDonald's at Versailles to use their free wi-fi to call Allison Eck. It was a very Clarence-y day. I should probably explain my new word - Buffalonienne. I've been emailing Justine to decide on a time/place to meet for lunch, and I mentioned I had a friend here with me and wrote "Buffalonienne (??)", and Justine wrote back that she liked my new word and that she had just met a "baltimoréenne (??)". I had also asked if all the concours were several weeks long and she said that the concours wasn't several weeks long - that it was actually 14 months, and so she was getting a little sick of it now. I can't imagine why.  

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