Friday, February 26, 2010

Storming the Bastille

This morning was rough with the minimal amount of sleep I got. But, I got to class with plenty of time and sat for an hour listening to the professor talk about different types of humanism. I won't write it all down. The professor's interesting, but this discussion wasn't really. After class, I came back and relaxed for a while until lunch, when Alexandra and I went to Le Marais again for more falafel. The falafel was exactly the same, and I'm getting sick of it, but we had French fries with it, and they reminded me a lot of the fries at Duffs. So, now I want  wings. After lunch, we walked to the gelato place my dad told me about and I had the most incredible espresso gelato! Then, we went to a cafe and sat and had hot chocolate because we didn't have enough time to go back to where we live (Alexandra had a tap dancing class and I had to teach English) but too much time to go directly to where we were both going. At the cafe (very very French, by the way), we were sitting between two French girls and two British girls. Needless to say, I eavesdropped on the French ones. They were having an interesting conversation. The one who wasn't smoking was a masters student in philosophy and was looking for an internship.

After the cafe-ing (that should definitely be a word), I went to teach English. Jerome told me the funniest story. He said that, in French, saying je veux seduire (to seduce) someone actually just means that you want to go out with that person. Then, he was in the United States and he was talking to a girl about another girl he had been talking to, and he told her that he had wanted to seduce the other girl. He didn't realize that "to seduce" is a little different in English. Then, he got slapped in the face. It's an interesting lesson to learn. Kind of like the story of the American girl studying abroad in Paris who said she loved "beets" without verifying that the word "bite" in French means something completely different. Note: I'm putting a PG 13 rating on that French word. Don't look it up if you're too young.

After teaching, Alexandra and I went to Bastille. For those who don't know, the Bastille was a prison that the people stormed at the start of the French Revolution (July 14th, 1789). Now, it's a cute area with tons of ethnic restaurants, crepe stores, bars and movie theaters. So, Alexandra and I got crepes, then drinks at a bar. Yes, another bar. I'm becoming a regular bar hopper. Too bad I still don't like alcohol. I got a drink called an Alexandra tonight. It was with cognac. It was gross. But, at least I'm getting to used all the sentences we had to translate last year in French, including "Cigarettes sell well in Paris" and "I will hang out in bars until I graduate from college."

Okay, I'm going to bed so I won't be tired tomorrow when Alexandra and I go to "Breakfast in America" for lunch. It should be interesting.

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