Monday, February 22, 2010

Ils sont fous ces américains !

This morning was, like every Monday morning, such a perfect day in Paris! I woke up, took the metro to Notre-Dame, then walked between Le Lycée Louis-le-Grand (where some of the most incredible French people have studied) and La Sorbonne (the first university, and also where some of the most incredible French people have studied), then past the Panthéon (where some of the most incredible French people are buried), all the way to the best school in France (where the most incredible French students alive today study). Then, I went to my incredible l'ENS class! Today, we discussed what is a century, and what makes a literary century: how do historical events affect literary history (even world wars don't stop literature production), how do changes in education affect it, how do translations factor in, etc. It was brilliant!

After class, I went to the university restaurant with my new friend Lu. It's great - I really feel like a real student in a French school! Except, of course, that Lu is Chinese, but she doesn't speak English. It's interesting that the only language the two of us have in common is French! Those university restaurants are great - 2.90 euros for a full meal. You choose 6 points worth of food, so I chose the plat principal (3 points), a cherry pie (2 points), an apple sauce (1 point), and some bread (no points, of course!). Apparently, you can pay extra for red wine if you want. Too bad I didn't want.

After lunch, I had a meeting about the CUPA newspaper. On the way to Rue Vavin, I saw a car had crashed into a window! It was insane! Then, I taught Jerome English. He seems a lot more confident speaking - in fact, the strangest part is that I think he's stronger speaking than he is writing, which is weird. I thought everyone was more confident writing in foreign languages than speaking, just like I am.

Finally, Mme de la Taille told me tonight why Americans are crazy. Or, I told her. I said that, in the US, we put marshmallows in our hot chocolate. She couldn't stop laughing! Then, when dinner was over, she went to call Pierre to tell him how Americans put marshmallows in hot chocolate. She just couldn't believe it - she kept saying "Oh my God!" in English. It was amusing.

Finally, here are some pictures of my room. Bonsoir!

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