Friday, February 5, 2010

Faire du shopping...but at least I'm in Paris!

This is La Place de la Concorde (a major setting in a short story I wrote last year)

Today, Alexandra and I went shopping since the sale that's going on now (one of the only two a year in Paris) is going to end on Tuesday. I actually bought stuff too - a dress that was originally 180 euros and a shirt that was originally 120 (those prices are approximate - I'm too lazy to check the receipt). But, I got both of them for about 68 euros, I think, which really doesn't seem too bad. I figured this was the only time I'll ever be able to afford European clothes - next, I should buy converse sneakers because that's what college students here wear. All someone here needs to do is look at my sketchers to see that I'm not French. We also walked around by the Champs Élysées just to "faire du lèche-vitrines" (window shopping, or more literally, to lick the windows! I think it's a great expression!). Anyway, I hate shopping, but being in Paris, I figure I have to go shopping at least once. Plus, I rewarded myself with some French onion soup (which they just call onion soup here - go figure! Maybe it's like Buffalo and wings). 

This is French onion soup - really good!

Then, we saw a French movie: Les Complices. It was horrible. It was like CSI Paris, only with a ton more nudity. Alexandra fell asleep, and she's the one who has to write about what happened in this movie for her film class. It was disturbing, but there's a bright side to this too - I understood pretty much all of it! There were some parts that were a little difficult because of all the slang (the prostitution parts...yeah, it was a great movie...), but overall, I think I did a good job!

This is the most expensive street in the whole world

I suppose that's pretty much it for today. Oh, and I want to say that I think La place de l'Étoile is the worst traffic design EVER! No lanes, twelve streets, a big obstruction blocking the view, lousy crosswalks, and tons of cars. It's an accident waiting to happen - that's the last time I'm going back there! 

And that's me, in front of l'Arc de Triomphe.

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  1. Looks like it was a beautiful day in Paris! Better be careful about the shopping - you might learn to like it. So glad to see the picture of you - you look pretty happy. Baltimore is in the process of getting 3 feet of snow - guess you picked the right semester to go to Paris.